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Mary is an engaging speaker who connects with her audience using personal anecdotes, compassion, and a touch of humor.  She has a unique ability to relate her own experience and understanding of mental health into practical parenting applications.


Thank you so much for your amazing presentation last night.  You were fantastic and the information was insightful.  I am definitely going to apply some of your techniques to my parenting.  Thanks again.


Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with our community tonight. I am confident that many parents left with take-away messages they can use to help their kids. 


Popular Presentations

Presentations are currently available virtually. Get in touch to schedule or discuss a customized presentation for your group.

The Curious Parent: Creating a Deeper Connection Today for Resiliency Tomorrow.

Wondering what this means? Learn how being curious allows you to see your child anew.


Using the latest brain science and research studies, you will get tools to simply but effectively integrate curiosity and connection into your day-to-day parenting to raise happier, calmer, more resilient children.

25 minutes


Parenting Pandemic: (Re)Building Boundaries

During this ongoing pandemic, many parents have coped by easing up to give kids some space. It is widely agreed that there will be a period of epic (screen) withdrawal and overall resistance as we begin to open schools, activities, and social lives.


How to get back on track? In this talk, I will discuss boundaries and limits and their critical function in raising resilient, empowered children. As well as increased confidence, parents will walk away with a tool to increase cooperation without nagging, yelling and reminding. 

60 minutes


Press the Parenting Reset Button: From COVID to Calm.

The holiday season is wrapped in a pandemic and you have survived school in 2020. Big transitions might be looming in the new year: pandemic schooling may transition between virtual to hybrid learning, vaccinations are in site, the children are restless. Regardless, challenges abound and you may feel off track as a family. In this free webinar, I will share how the pandemic impacts mental health and your child's developing brain. With this framework, you will learn how to mitigate the impact, based on the latest research backed parenting strategies. You will walk away with simple tools to change the family dynamic, to get everyone back on track, and jumpstart 2021 with the "reset button".

60 minutes


Deep Rooted Parenting:

Solving Today’s Behavior Challenges with Tomorrow’s Child In Mind

What social, emotional and life skills do you really want for your children? As you learn to identify your parenting hopes and dreams, you will understand why traditional punishments and rewards don’t work, based on brain research and familiar scenarios.


Learn parenting tools, techniques and strategies to transform your relationship with your child and replace behavior struggles with connection and a sense of calm. All while nurturing your child’s development for the deep rooted characteristics you want most to nurture for the long term.

60 minutes


Buffering Children from the Epidemic of Anxiety and Depression

Parenting offers a wonderful opportunity to nurture our children’s mental health across their lifespan. Even more importantly, given the brain is significantly shaped by our experience of our world, you have an opportunity to use any parenting struggle or success to help shape your child’s brain, resulting in a resilient child.


Learn the simple neuro science behind resilient brains. Walk away with parenting tools, techniques and strategies which not only promote deep parent/child connections but also nurture strong mental health. The end result? Better behavior, improved decision-making, fuller self-awareness, success in school, greater resiliency, and a better understanding and control of emotions.


60 minutes


Rewriting Your Parenting Story

No one's parenting journey goes the way they expect.  But do you feel like your story has gotten away from you?  Take back the narrative of your parenting.

In this deeply personal and vulnerable presentation, Mary shares her own story- one that includes a childhood filled with trauma and her lifelong work to overcome her history and write a new chapter for her own children.

Learn how being the parents we want to be starts with this hard look at where we've been and how to get where we want to be, for our sake and for our children's.  In the end, you will have the script for a new, hope filled story of your parenting and your family.

60 minutes

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