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for Moms of Daughters

No more panic, no more helplessness.
Unlock your playbook for raising happy, healthy daughters who thrive — including a weekly live coaching community.


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Raising Daughters in Today’s World



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Weekly Live Coaching:

Direct access to expert advice and real-time problem solving.

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Expert &
Community Support:

Connect with an expert and mothers who understand your journey.

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On-Demand Solutions Library:

 Instant access to guides, scripts, and resources.

I’ll Help You...

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Break through the sass, defiance and negotiations


Decrease push back and increase cooperation

Become her go-to, when it matters


Put a stop to meltdowns, aggression, and negative behaviors

Feel more connected and nurture the mother-daughter bond

Unlock our suite of resources when you join MicroSteps

Unlock Your Parenting Playbook

MicroSteps Group for Moms equips you with the tools to navigate your mother-daughter relationship with assurance.

  Exclusive Video Content  


  Guides, Exercises & Scripts  


  Ongoing Expert and Community Support  

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Coaching Sessions for Moms of Daughters

Every Wednesday

Hosted by Mary Smith, Parent Coach

12:00 pm EST

Choose Your Membership

  • Group Coaching Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

MicroSteps for Moms is your roadmap for navigating your mother-daughter relationship.

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Evidence-based strategies for stronger bonds

Personalized coaching from a seasoned expert

A path to being a confident, empowered parent

I’ve Helped Hundreds of Families Thrive
But don't just take my word for it…

Real Change

Nora, 2 Girls, 1 Boy

"This group is so much more than I expected. Being able to be with REAL people with REAL problems and watch Mary problem solve with them in REAL time has been a game changer. Being able to interact, ask questions, and share insights gave me the confidence to implement (REAL) changes at home. I highly recommend this to any mom with daughters."

My Turning Point

Kathleen, 1 Girl, 1 Boy

"Mary's group marked the turning point in my parenting and my kids behavior and emotional growth. But not only did her straightforward and supportive advice genuinely improve our family dynamics but the community, and her accessibility, eased my daily own daily stress, allowing me to start to enjoy parenting!"

Like Magic!

Jelena, 2 Boys, 1 Girl

"I love Mary’s MicroSteps. Every session leaves me with practical strategies that I can actually
implement and see the change. And I’m building new habits that, while small, really do shift my
parenting. My connection with my daughter has completely changed – and, lo and behold, she
is less sassy and demanding. It’s like magic!"

Meet Mary Smith

Master Certified Life Coach and a Certified Positive Discipline Expert with an MBA from INSEAD. As a bestselling author of The MicroSteps Method ™, public speaker, and mom of four daughters, my approach is backed by science, research, and real-life.

Mary Smith

  • When are calls hosted?
    Calls are hosted on Zoom weekly on Wednesday’s at 12p (eastern).
  • How often do we meet?
    Every week.
  • Can I watch a recording of the meeting if I miss it?
    Yes, the recordings will be available in the portal for one month after each meeting.
  • Do I have to participate in the call?
    This is completely up to you and what suits you. Sometimes listening is enough.
  • Can we do one-on-one appointments?
    As a member of MicroSteps weekly, you get 30% off of Mary’s coaching rates.
  • How are payments made?
    When you sign up, you agree to a monthly automatic payment. You can cancel at any time.
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