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for moms of girls 

The only parenting program you need to raise a daughter who is a confident, courageous athlete...and still enjoys the game. 

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let's face it...

Parenting girl-athletes is hard. Period. 

"I've tried everything but she still...

lacks confidence, especially when it's game time

is a perfectionist and afraid of making mistakes or doing something wrong

is harder on herself than with anyone else

doesn't listen when I tell her she has to practice and try harder

doesn't seem to have the same drive that other players do

If you're ready to transform what's going on with your daughter but wondering why techniques that other people seem to use don't work for you and her...

And when you try to help it ends up feeling like you are pushing or saying the wrong things which leaves you wondering if your actions today are helping or hurting.

You're petrified that your daughter is going to be left behind and your gut is telling you that running your child ragged isn't the answer . . . but you just don't see an alternative.

And you know that if you could just figure out what she needs and how to help her that things would get better...


If you find yourself thinking, “If I could just get her to believe in herself as much as I believe in her.."

Then You'll Be Happy To Know:

There is an easier way, that incorporates how you parent her at home as well as before, during, and after her sports events that's proven to help you meet your daughter where she is while building a foundation of strong self-esteem, ownership, and grit (yes, grit!).

That instead of feeling guilt, fear, and self-doubt (which is not what parenting is supposed to be), you can feel better knowing that your parenting will reduce her self-doubt and perfectionism with a mental game that will set her up for success.

That the path to increasing her confidence and drive and self-discipline can be the same path that will build the relationship you want, and that your daughter desperately  needs.

Finally, it is possible to be a great athlete and possess things like courage, integrity, sportsmanship, humility and passion - and that is a recipe for greatness!

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Because girls are special and we have an opportunity to raise our daughters to be authentic, brave, confident and...happy.

And the EVOLVE: for-Girls-of-Moms program takes the mystery out of parenting, and helps you accomplish this.

Hold Your Free Spot for EVOLVE: for-Girls-of-Moms


 once you hold a spot, you'll pick a convenient time for a call to ensure the program is right for you

I know you’re

busy…this program is designed to not ADD to your parenting day - it's about using little moments for big changes.

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