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or Yelling.

...One Moment at a Time

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Tuesday May 9th - 12:00p EST / 9:00a PST


let's face it...

Parenting is hard. Period. 

"I've tried everything but she still:

begs, argues and negotiates endlessly

holds me hostage by throwing fits when things don’t go her way. 

makes a battle out of everything from taking a bath to homework

is so anxious or afraid to do things by herself that you're at a loss 

...just won't listen

If you're ready to transform what's going on with your daughters but still trying to figure out why all these parenting techniques work for other people but not for you...

And you love your daughter so much...but know that, somehow, it could be easier with her...

So despite promising yourself 'tomorrow will be different', you feel like you are constantly nagging, bribing and straight up guilting her to get things done...

Because if you could just figure out what she needs and why she's being like this, you know things would get better...


If you find yourself thinking, “If I could stop reacting and could just show up and be the parent she needs me to be..."

Then You'll Be Happy To Know:

There is an easier way, that's proven to help you meet your daughter where she is with a presence that maintains calm, eases anxiety, and is the foundation of more compliance, calm and cooperation.

That instead of feeling frustrated, short-fused, and beating yourself up at the end of the day, you can feel confident as a parent and create a family dynamic of

connection and respect. 

That there is a path forward that will help you build the relationship you want, and that your daughter needs.


Because girls are special and we have an opportunity to raise our daughters to be authentic, brave, confident and...happy.

And the MicroStep Method takes the mystery out of parenting them, and helps you accomplish this, one MicroStep Moment at a time. 


In This FREE Webinar, You'll Learn To:

deepen your bond

through learning a simple technique that allows you to genuinely meet her where she is in the heat of the moment

help her calm explosive emotions

by learning how to use bite-size moments to help her feel safe and secure - so that she will want to open up and share with you

get her to listen...the first time

 by understanding misbehavior and how to set boundaries and use consequences in ways that actually work

raise a confident daughter

by using everyday ups and downs to build her self-esteem, so she will be able to weather all that life will throw at her


These are the tools you need; you'll see a shift in the family dynamic, and change the course of your daughter's life, forever.  


Register Now: How To Get Your Girls to Listen

Tuesday May 9th
12:00p EST / 9:00a PST

register now to get materials, reminders and recordings

I know you’re

busy… I pack this training with what you what you need so you can get on with your day.

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