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"I didn’t need to become a different person. I could continue as the slightly crazy, frenetic, type A, busy parent that I was.

Instead, whenever I encountered a small moment that might have stressed or frustrated me (Why is it taking you so long to get dressed?) or confused me (Doesn’t the coach realize that you’re better than some of the kids getting more playing time?), I began to identify the micro opportunities to connect with my kids and help them build important characteristics to help them thrive in today’s world."

- Mary Willcox Smith, author

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About Mary Willcox Smith

Mary Willcox Smith is a Parent Coach, Speaker, and Author. A mom to four daughters, Mary’s passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, and child development inspired her book, Small Moments, Big Impact: The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent. Mary holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School and is a Master Certified Life Coach and a Certified Positive Discipline Expert. She provides coaching to an exclusive roster of parents and frequently speaks with schools, corporations, and parent groups. Connect with her through joining her private FaceBook group or following her on Instagram @MarySmithParentCoach.

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