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Press the Parenting Reset Button: from COVID to Calm. A free webinar.

Do you feel like this school quarter or even the entire quarantine period is not going the way you want? Do you want another chance to be the parent you imagined, or would you like

to handle things differently than you have been? I have great news. You can. It is never too late to push restart. In my free Webinar, Press The Parenting Reset Button: From COVID to Calm, I will share how the pandemic impacts mental health and your child’s developing brain. I will discuss how to rein things in and feel back in control based on how the stress of Covid-19 can interfere with your normal routines and your children’s behavior. You will learn how to mitigate the impact, based on the latest research backed parenting strategies. And I will provide you with simple yet enduring tools to press reset and move towards a new family dynamic.

With my children, when things felt out of control and I was overwhelmed, I often made the mistake of believing that I needed to fix, solve, punish, add something new, change. Don’t get me wrong, reactive measures can make us feel better, they can even provide a solution, but typically those results are short term. What ultimately worked far better was when I learned to strip everything back to the basics of connection and then add in one new tool (or two or three if you are up to the task!) to address what was feeling most broken. The impact tends to be far greater because if you are overwhelmed, they are overwhelmed. And parenting that is proactive – using strategic parenting tools in advance, rather than reacting to misbehavior – tends to be far more effective in winning cooperation both around the house and for their schooling, as well as nurturing their mental health.

You’ve survived the first quarter of school and are facing the holiday season wrapped in a pandemic. There’s looming uncertainty in how the schooling might change, or not. And there’s general burnout. I couldn’t say it better than Anne Helen Petersen in her article “How Burnout Became the Norm for American Parents,” where she writes: ““You’re still managing the mental load of the household, while also making sure the masks are laundered, the Zoom schedules are followed, and trying to figure out how much kid screen time is too much and how much screen time is necessary to just get through your day.” Don’t be surprised if you feel off track as a family.

Now is the time to give yourself permission to reset.

I’m giving this free hour webinar because I want to offer support during a tough time. Give yourself a break of one hour to get the support, information, and tools for a reset. You’re worth it, and your kids will benefit.


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