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My parenting journey of raising four girls—just 5 years apart—has been thrilling, exhausting, and humbling. The last 22 years are scattered with ups and downs, as I'm sure you can relate. My girls, ranging from "launched" to "about to launch", are now making lives for themselves, ones filled with hope and healing. 


I want to take everything I've learned and help other families while kids are still young, so they don't have to do it the hard way, like I did.

Our stories are all different. Mine is not defined, but impacted, by my long battle with anxiety and depression. After an abusive childhood and losing family members to suicide, I developed an array of coping mechanisms that led me to believe I was okay. In fact, I felt better than okay. I excelled academically and in my career -- and thought parenting would feel the same.


I plowed ahead, a few steps ahead of the anxiety and depression, until it all caught up with me. When it hit, it hit hard. The past few decades, I have been parenting my girls and healing myself. I’ve been in more dark places than I want to admit.


As I immersed myself in understanding the root causes, patterns, and physiology of my own struggles, the reasons behind the epidemic of teen and young adult anxiety and depression also became increasingly clear. Recognizing some of my same issues arising in the next generation, my girls, I was determined to give it everything I had to stop the cycle.

My understanding of the power of connection, the brain-science of resiliency, and the roots of depression and anxiety lead to my synthesis of six vital parenting habits to help you nurture and enroot the relationship that you want, and your children need. 

After founding and selling a holiday company in the Swiss Alps, attending business school (INSEAD) in France, working for American Express, and raising four girls while helping with Willem Smith FurnitureWorks, Mary Smith Parent Coach is a remarkably natural ‘next step’. I am a Certified Master Life Coach (C.L.M.C.) and Certified Postive Discipline Expert.


My professional life now focuses on helping parents shift their parenting perspective through learning about how kids' brains (and their own!) work.  This surprisingly simple paradigm shift allows you to replace behavior struggles with cooperation and a sense of calm, while simultaneously nurturing resiliency to navigate life in the 21st century and as a buffer from the epidemic of anxiety and depression.


I’ll be there, with the support you need, every step of the way.

Mary lives in Northern Virginia with her husband of 22 years, 4 daughters, 2 dogs and 8 chickens.  Life is busy but there is always time for Bikram yoga, hiking, coaching youth lacrosse, and trying to bake the perfect sourdough loaf. 

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I'll empower you to transform your child's behavior, develop new habits, and create a deeper connection with your child.


Reset your relationship with your children to one of deep connection, mutual respect, and joy.


Understand what is behind your child's challenging behaviors and use a new set of tools to establish calm and cooperation in your home.


Help your children develop life skills, giving them healthy ways to deal with stressors as they get older.

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