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MicroSteps for Moms of Daughters


Helping moms break through the sass, defiance, and endless negotiations to raise compassionate, cooperative, and confident daughters.

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I've tried everything, but she still:

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begs, argues and negotiates endlessly

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throw fits when things don’t go her way

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is such a perfectionist and afraid to try things

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makes a battle out of everything from taking a bath to homework

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struggles with my screen time limits

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is overly concerned about what her peers think

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has low self esteem

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won't share or communicate with me.

"My message to all those parents out there who feel like nothing is working: call Mary.

She is smart, incredibly compassionate,

non-judgmental and so supportive.


I now feel so good about my parenting."


Our Features

  • Bring your struggles and questions every week

  • Learn from Mary's suggestions, expertise, and ideas to address your specific issues and questions

  • Walk away each week with practical strategies that you are immediately able to implement.

  • Practice MicroStep Moment scripts together

  • A community of like-minded, bright moms who understand what you’re going through

  • Private FB group to share wins, lament challenges and ask questions

  • Online portal where you can review weekly calls and extra material that Mary posts

  • The best way to build new skills (yours and your childs) is by practicing

  • Show up weekly and share - you'll be motivated to keep going

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  • Apply the MicroStep Method™ in everyday situations to improve communication and connection with your child.

  • Benefit from online resources aimed at addressing your specific challenges

  • Revolutionize your parenting with the brain science and research backed strategies

  • Learn from Mary's expertise, humor, and compelling storytelling.

  • Benefit from highly relatable content that's easy to remember and apply

  • Walk away with scripts ready to put to practice.  

  • When are calls hosted?
    Calls are hosted on Zoom weekly on Wednesday’s at 12p (eastern).
  • How often do we meet?
    Every week.
  • Can I watch a recording of the meeting if I miss it?
    Yes, the recordings will be available in the portal for one month after each meeting.
  • Do I have to participate in the call?
    This is completely up to you and what suits you. Sometimes listening is enough.
  • Can we do one-on-one appointments?
    As a member of MicroSteps weekly, you get 30% off of Mary’s coaching rates.
  • How are payments made?
    When you sign up, you agree to a monthly automatic payment. You can cancel at any time.
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