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You Are Not Alone!

I help parents connect with their children to build a lasting relationship, cultivate more calm and cooperation and foster resilience to help them weather all that life will throw at them.

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Mary Willcox Smith

Launching Oct 3, 2023

An evolutionary approach to parenting that focuses on small, easy-to-implement, customizable moments in a way that makes parenting less overwhelming.

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Is This You?

I've tried everything but they still:

begs, argues and negotiates endlessly

holds me hostage by throwing fits when things don’t go their way

makes a battle out of everything from taking a bath to homework

is so anxious or afraid to do things by themself that you're at a loss 

. . . just won't listen!

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Then You'll Be Happy To Know:

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There is an easier way, that's proven to help you meet your kids where  they are with a presence that maintains calm, eases anxiety, and is the foundation of more compliance, calm and cooperation.

That instead of feeling frustrated, short-fused, and beating yourself up at the end of the day, you can feel confident as a parent and create a family dynamic of connection and respect. 

That there is a path forward that will help you build the relationship you want, and that your children needs.

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"Mary has completely changed my parenting.
Don't delay, your kids will thank you!"


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Meet Mary

"I want to take everything I've learned and help other families while their kids are still young, so they don't have to do it the hard way, like I did."

As a certified parent coach and mom to four girls ages 19-25, she's seen it all.  With her compassion, humor and insight, Mary empowers parents to be the parent they've always wanted to be through helping their children to be their best. 

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That there is a path forward that will help you build the relationship you want, and that your daughter needs.

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