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Mary Willcox Smith
The MicroStep Method™ for the Overwhelmed Parent

Transform Parenting, Raise Cooperative and Resilient Kids: One Moment, One Word, One Microstep at a Time

Exceptionally well written, organized and presented for the benefit and accessibility for the non-specialist general reader . . . should be considered essential reading for parents wanting their children to achieve success as they grow from childhood into young adulthood in these undeniably stressful times for any family.                                                                        --Small Press Book Review

Parenting is really just millions of moments. Every one, small MicroStep Moment step you practice with your child is one giant leap towards nurturing a happier, healthier family.

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Support When You Need It


You’re tired of feeling crummy, you’re over the meltdowns and negotiations, you just want a better connection with your kids. And for them to listen . . . 

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"Mary has completely changed my parenting.
Don't delay, your kids will thank you!"


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Mary on Good Day DC discusses meltdowns and how to avoid them. 

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That there is a path forward that will help you build the relationship you want, and that your daughter needs.

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