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Parenting. It's so hard in today's world! 
But you're not alone. 


Parent coaching is simply working with an expert to tackle your toughest parenting challenges.

Who could use parent coaching?  Who couldn't!

Do you want the tools, professional advice and problem solving your family needs? Mary Smith, certified parent coach is ready to work with you.

"I tell everyone that they need a 'Mary'. We were really struggling with our kids. Once we were able to incorporate Mary's ideas though, it made a huge difference .

The change in our family came about as soon as we changed our parenting. We are now the parents we have always wanted to be."


Starts June 3
50% off NOW

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Meet Mary

"I want to take everything I've learned and help other families while their kids are still young, so they don't have to do it the hard way, like I did."


A significant piece of Mary's credentials is her experience as mother to four girls ages 18-23.  With her compassion, humor and insight, Mary empowers parents to be the best parents they can while also helping their children to be their best. 

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Is this you?

I just want my child to have resilience and life-long traits to weather all that life throws at her - how do I do that?

Get the awareness, customized strategy and support you need for the relationship and connection (hence: better behavior) you want with your children
now and for a lifetime.

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Join Mary's Private


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