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Mary Smith

Parent Coach and Consultant, Master Certified Life Coach, Certified Positive Parent Discipline Expert, Speaker, Educator. Masters in Business. 

(soon to be) Multi-Published Parenting Author.

Mary FR Smith is a say-it-as-it-is, compassionate, and kind person who loves humor and people. Her complicated experience as a parent to four girls just five years apart prompted her to shift her professional life to one dedicated to empower and motivate parents to be confident in their role, enjoy parenting, and build resilient families. 


Mary is an accomplished businesswoman, a Master Certified Life Coach, a Certified Positive Discipline Expert, and a (soon to be) multi-published parenting author. She is frequently on tour as a public speaker for schools, corporations, and parent groups. 


Despite a chaotic upbringing as a child and, later, bouts of parental overwhelm, shame, and perfectionism, Mary achieved positive change. She developed a passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, and child development which led to her thesis that understanding emotions and the processes of the child’s brain that are connected to behavior are fundamental to success as a parent. She set out to simplify this for parents.


Mary’s passion lies in reversing the rising tide of teen and young adult anxiety and depression; which she believes, for parents and children, starts with a moment of connection.  

Mary Smith Speaking on a chair

Her perspective and support has been invaluable - not just in building a much better relationship with my kids but giving me confidence in my parenting decisions."


Mary's Books

         Mary’s easy-to-implement scripts equip parents to confront the daunting goal and responsibility of empowering their children. These in-the-moment exchanges between parents and children—Mary calls these MicroStep Moments—often take less than a few minutes. 

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Photo of Mary Willcox Smith books

         Imagine you could know at 13 years old the things that you know now? Growing up in today's world can be challenging, lonely and confusing. These stories tackle the tough issues head on in a readable, friendly format to help youth thrive, find themselves and break free from limitations. 

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Certified Master Life Coach (C.L.M.C.)

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Certified Positive Parenting Educator


Masters in Business


Bachelor of Arts -



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