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Are you ready to make change?


One-on-one customized coaching sessions with Mary are customized to your family's unique needs. We unravel what going on, get to the root of the issues and make the changes you want. My goal is to empower you to be the parent that you have always wanted to be, and that your child needs you to be.

Coaching that Counts

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Is This You?

I've tried everything but they still:

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beg, argue and negotiate endlessly

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hold me hostage by throwing fits when things don’t go their way

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make a battle out of everything from taking a bath to homework

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just won't listen!

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Then you’ll be 
Happy to Know


There is an easier way, that's proven to help you meet your kids where they are with a presence that maintains calm, eases anxiety, and is the foundation of more compliance, calm and cooperation.
That instead of feeling frustrated, short-fused, and beating yourself up at the end of the day, you can feel confident as a parent and create a family dynamic of connection and respect.
That there is a path forward that will help you build the relationship you want, and that your children needs.

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This coaching is tailored to you and your family’s’ unique needs

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Book One To One Coaching

By engaging in this coaching, you will gain a deeper understanding of both yourself and your child through insights based on developmental psychology and neuroscience. You'll develop strategies for stronger connection, leading to more positive behavior, and you'll cultivate the confidence and trust in yourself to be the parent your child both wants and needs.

You'll change your family dynamic to one of calm and cooperation.

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How it works:

Assessment: Understand Your Unique Family Dynamics

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Customization: Develop a Tailored Parenting Strategy 

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Implementation: Apply Practical and Do-able Strategies

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Support and Growth: Ongoing Support and Continuous Improvement

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Transformation: Understand Yourself and Your Child More

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Results: You'll feel better about your parenting. You'll have a stronger connection with your children. You'll be more empowered to handle challenges.

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Our Features

  • Bring your struggles and questions every week

  • Learn from Mary's suggestions, expertise, and ideas to address your specific issues and questions.

  • Walk away each week with practical strategies that you are immediately able to implement.

  • Time to practice MicroStep Moment scripts

  • The best way to build new skills (yours and your childs) is by practicing

  • Show up weekly to keep yourself on track

  • Customized texts to keep you on track

  • Consistently using the customized tools and strategies with your kids delivers the fastest results

  • Everyone shares what they are working on and how it’s going – so we are motivated to keep going

  • A community of like-minded, bright moms who understand what you’re going through

  • Private FB group to share wins, lament challenges and ask questions

  • Online portal where you can review weekly calls and extra material that Mary posts

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The coaching is tailored to you and your family’s’ unique needs

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By focusing on practicable, implentable tools and solutions, we empower you as the parent to drive the change you want. My MicroStep Mehod™ is grounded in the small changes that have big impact.

A graphic representing growth, like a plant growing.
"Personalized support and guidance is the key to lasting change"

Become the Parent You Want to be and that Your Child Needs You To be.

Our Customer Feedback

Don’t take our word for it. Trust our customers

Mary has helped me so much with some challenging parenting times…I love how she can explain all that is going on in the body and mind…parent and child – and then provide a workable way to manage.

Our kids just weren't listening to us. Mary helped frame the actual problem (apparently it wasn't the listening) and gave us a set of techniques that completely changed how they were acting. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes

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"My message to all those parents out there who feel like nothing is working: call Mary.


She is smart, incredibly compassionate, non-judgmental and so supportive.


I now feel so good about my parenting."


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A 3- or 6- or 9-month program for moms or dads of daughters. 


The fall session is now open. Please book a call with Mary to join now. Call is required to make sure the group is a good fit for you. 

Book a one-off session with Mary for flexible, on demand support. No matter what or how big the parenting conundrum, it is never too late to reset.


We will untangle your specific challenge or dynamic, and Mary will provide you with expertise and a customized plan with the tools to shift the family dynamic. 

This includes a 30 minute follow up for any questions or issues that arise. 

Your partner or caregiver is invited to join. 


My parenting journey of raising four girls—just 5 years apart—has been thrilling, exhausting, and humbling. 

Today, I'm supporting other parents every step of the way. I wish I had a coach to support, mentor, guide and encourage me when my girls were younger. 

Learn about parent coaching here.

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