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What is a Parent Coach?

I am a certified professional who understands the up to date research on child development and mental health.


As a parent coach, I customize strategies and tools to enhance your overall parenting skills and address day to day challenges.  


The needs of every family are different: some want help with classic problems such as bedtime routines, homework difficulties, talking back, or lack of motivation, while others are looking for help to create and implement an overall parenting philosophy.


Regardless of your needs, I provide support, feedback, encouragement and skill building resulting in lasting change.

Why are there Parent Coaches?

Times have changed.  Families are often isolated and working long hours.  


And growing up is more challenging now than ever before.  This pressure and stress lead all of us to need a listening ear, expert advice, and encouraging support. 


Just as you see professional coaches and services in all areas of modern life, parenting is no different, and perhaps the most important area of your life to get support.

How Long Does It Take?

Every family situation is unique, but clients often find that 5-7 sessions work well to chart a new path and set up some new habits to move forward.  


These are typically done weekly or bi-weekly by the hour.

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Every family is unique, so as your coach, I create custom plans for each family.


This includes both day to day help to create immediate change for difficult behavior issues, and the support to embrace the principles for long term connection and resilience.


When we’re done, you’ll be on a path to deal with the many challenges that come along at different ages and stages, all while preparing your child to successfully navigate the inevitable stressors of life.

How Can a Parent Coach Help Me?
What is Your Approach?

First, I listen to find out what you want and need.  With that in mind, I approach parent consulting as an opportunity for you to deepen the connection with your child and to use the daily behavioral ups and downs to nurture your child’s mental health. 


The brain plays a role in everything: behavior, decision making, self-awareness, creativity, mindset, relationships, school.  


And given the brain is significantly shaped by the experience, you have an opportunity to use any parenting struggle or success to help shape your child’s brain.

What Happens During a Coaching Session?

I ask strategic questions and ensure you feel validated in your parenting challenges. We collaborate to come up with customized solutions and discuss how they can be implemented. We review goals from the past week and celebrate successes while tweaking to remove any barriers to success. After each session you feel seen and heard, and have concrete steps to take.

Do I Need A Parent Coach?
  • What you’re doing isn’t working but you’re not sure how to change.

  • You feel terribly after you over-react again and again to the same struggles with your children.

  • Everyone has all kinds of advice, but it doesn’t seem to work for you.

  • You feel mentally and physically exhausted or trapped by the daily demands of parenting.

  • You struggle to set healthy boundaries.

  • You’ve read great parenting books and are on-board with the ideas but the change never lasts.

  • You have no time for the parenting books and you just want to know what to do.

  • You find yourself acting in ways that remind you of your parents but that’s not what you want.

  • You can’t get on the same page with your spouse or other caregivers.

  • You are worried about the epidemic of childhood and teen anxiety and depression, and you want to develop habits today that will help your children tomorrow.

Some reasons people come to me include:

What Results Can I Expect?

Change is not always easy but with support and guidance you will:

  • Feel more confident and in control of your parenting choices.

  • Accumulate an enduring set of tools and principles to deal with the many challenges that come along at different ages and stages.

  • Practice strategies to promote deeper, long-lasting parent-child relationships.

  • Understand what is driving your child's behavior and confidently use that knowledge to more effectively meet their needs to promote positive behavior.

  • Be prepared: these tools will carry you through the teenage years and beyond.

First, you are welcome to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to see if I am a good fit for your needs. 


Then start with a six session bundle, scheduled around times that work for you, including evenings.

How Do I Start?
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My kids are just so strong-willed. Why is everything a negotiation and a power struggle? I just want them to cooperate. 

And then I blow up - but it's their fault. If they would just behave...

Why are my daughters so disrespectful? They won't get ready to get out the door, they refuses to do the chores. I mean - we love each other but when it come to them listening to me, forget it. They are so manipulative...

I just feel so guilty. All I do is blow up because I am so tired of trying to get it right but nothing works. How did this happen? I just want them to grow up confident and be successful without all this anxiety that they all seem to have now...

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