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The Know-How:
Raising Daughters

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Starting May 16th



I'm sick of my child not listening.

Punishments and rewards work for other people - but not my child.

I'm tired of blowing a fuse and over-reacting. 

My child won't abide by any of my limits and boundaries - she's taken over.

If parenting feels hard, lonely, overwhelming, are not alone. 

Sometimes it feels like our world and the culture around us is fighting against our best efforts to parent. A lot of people are struggling.

There are wonderful books, lots of research and huge advances in childhood brain science. You may have read all of them. But you still  just want to know how to raise authentic, confident, happy young women while cultivating a rock solid connection.

And you CAN.  It starts with nurturing your relationship and cultivating more calm and cooperation in your household.  You'll start to shift the family dynamic...and the course of your daughter's life. 

I just want my child to have resilience and life long traits to weather all that life throws at her - how do I do that?

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Presented by Mary Smith

Mary is a certified parent coach, consultant and speaker. Above all she is the mother to four girls ages 18-23.  With her compassion, humor and insight, Mary empowers parents to be the best parents they can while helping their children be the best that they can. 

"I've been there... I can help!"

What We Will Cover

Day 1: Basis of the parenting ‘Know-How’

Day 2: How her (mis)behavior is an opportunity

Day 3: How to get limits and boundaries to really work

Day 4: Resilience training (build her self esteem)

Day 5: Case studies and common mistakes

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This is a GREAT kick off to the summer and enjoying our daughters by deepening our connection and getting them to listen!

Just 30 min a day to a new calm, cooperation and (self) confidence.


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Mary has completely changed my parenting! So worth my time. 
- Natalie, DC
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